Wednesday, December 24, 2008

bu shuang bu shuang bu shuang!!!! very very unsatisfied my situation now...

haiz.... dunno wat happen to me la... due to some circumstances... currently i wont b going aussie to further my study... and this make me feel very dissapointed as going to AUSTRALIA is part of my dream...

and i just realize STUDY is damn damn damn damn damn IMPORTANT!!!
I missed the opportunity to go AUSTRALIA FURTHER my study once...and i dun wan to b twice...pls....

pray for me that miracle will come out...


Monday, December 22, 2008

WOO HOO...i'm fully recovered!!

oh yeah!!!! woo hoo!!! yahoo!!! google!!! hahahaha
i'm finally recovered from the stupid fever...but still got sore throat my mum banned me to eat meat as she wan me to eat only vege for one week... T_T

meat is one of my sources to survive...anyway..nevermind la...
i still very happy as my dear-miao is coming to melaka visit me..
so i'm feel very happy...
faster come la dear... ^^

Saturday, December 20, 2008

WTF...i'm sick again...

3.00am---------- suddenly feel that my sore throat was pain like hell so i decided to go downstairs to drink water in order to make myself feel more comfortable....

4.36am---------- lagi is double pain...stomachache and sore throat... so i get up to go for a pee as i drink a lot of water just now and try to have some shit come out from my body as i feel so pain in my stomach......

4.44am---------- had been sitting on the special "toilet seat" but there's no result and i decided to give up and go back sleep....

5.58am---------- was forced to wake up as my body was ordering me to go drink more add one more i had the 3 world's worst pain in my body....sore throat+ stomachache+headache...feel that my head was so heavy that is abt 2 times of my weight...

6.12am---------- went back to sleep as i turn off the fan as i feel very cold.....

8.00am---------- as my parents were having their breakfast downstairs and i woke up to drink some water instead...then my dad suddenly said:" wa!! miracle.....our son wake up at 8 sharp ler......." i was like "huh?? really??" then i looked at the clock and reply my dad "pa...go buy TOTO la....mayb get 1st award..."...then i go to have some drinks and my mum gave me some medicine....thanx mum...i love u...the medicine really works abit....and i continue back to sleep....

11.00am--------- started feeling dizzy and take a bath for refreshing myself....

11.15am--------- finish bathing and drive to mum's shop to help her.....

11.45am--------- ate my breakfast as i ate all vege...... and feeling damn tired as my body dun hav strength to do things....

1.28pm----------- started to blog and gonna sleep after this.....

moral of the story is.......
PLS really really really take care of urself in order to prevent sickness... as i really really hate sick becos....i juz recovered from food poison last week!!!!


Friday, December 19, 2008


just now was browsing around the internet to check on how much is PSP( playstation portable) nowadays as i find out a very interesting forum thread as i think i should post it out to let people there's an example of cheating from the internet trading...

well...let me say some intro...this girl name is LING PEI YEE , her HP number is 014-9132310, and her bank account is MAYBANK : LING PEI YEE 101543104857... and her thread is about " PSP 3000 for RM700++"....she is from Johor Bahru

at the 1st time i was shock as "WTF!!! got so cheap meh...." so i was simply browse thru the thread as there's a feedback of her cheating towards others and the most powerful part is someone actually record how she cheated ppl by phone... are the website... and u should really really really really go check it out the so damn geng ler...hahahaha
here's the website:

anyway...beware of liar when u do something with money...well... for some ppl, RM700 mayb small...or mayb big.... is still money...dun waste on it... U CAN MAKE IT DIFFERENCE!!!

back to sleep...and enjoy the boring life

currently back in melaka dy...kinda boring and peaceful life at here...there's ntg to worry my family is here to help me... it's warm and peaceful and quiet and boring life i'm having at melaka...

well... somehow is a too peaceful with me as i wanted to go out explore melaka where there's some where i havnt been there for quite a long time dy...

however, christmas is coming as most of my frens r busy prepare their celebration with their special one... wondering how's my christmas will b for this year... dunno la... too lazy to think as here is really peaceful for me dy... me oso feel so lazy to think and do things as every moments i wanted to sleep...

SLEEP is very enjoyable activities as imagine u no need to worry anything and just relax on ur lovely bed and eat anything u wanted to eat... :)

mayb going to read some books to increase my inner knowledge as i really too TINY for this BIG BIG WORLD... or anyone who is in melaka oso ntg to do...can date me out as i oso boring like u....hahahahahah......drink mamak or beer or clubbing or go somewhere very special...take me explore mlk oso can...hahahahah...

anyway.... ADAM TUI!! prepare urself to go for the next big journey!! KAMBATEH!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

this is what i want....

well...has not been feeling well and is not really well.......
ya...right..we argue again... as she still not believe in me...
as i dunno why we still argue.... am i wrong?? or is she wrong??
i dunno... seriously...i really wan peace...i wan her to b happy...
and i really do...she hasnt smile in happy face since the incident as i admit i really doing something really really really wrong to hurt her....

miao....i really wan u to b happy...and i really really willing to do anything to make u happy...
i feel sorry for everything... and i not dare to ask u to forgive wat i did... but i dun wan to see u in sad face... i care abt u... pls be happy..

today i sleep in living room as my mum coming up for her company really lonely...
really lonely.........
really really really sad of feeling like this...
i dun wan anymore!!! pls god!! pls......

dunno wat i am blogging now...juz feel tired...and frustrated..
i juz wan to have happiness between u n me...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

kids are smarter nowadays when christmas is coming

well, christmas is coming and have been listening to christmas song when i'm working part time in subang parade.

currently christmas environment is everywhere and parents are coming out to buy their kids a christmas present. (SO ENVY >.<>
one of the interesting things that happen when i'm working and it's let me thinks that kids nowadays are damn smart than last time..
this happen abt friday and a dad and his child come to have a look about APPLE IPODs...and here's their conversation

dad: son, see!! this is the ipod u have wanted for so long
son: yeah daddy it looks so cool, i wanted the ipod touch for my christmas present la
dad: dun worry, SANTA CLAUSE will get the ipod touch for u as a christmas present
then son reply a word that i cant imagine is a kid would reply..
son reply : AIYA~~~ daddy, santa clause is fake one la....i oso know last year my psp is u bought for me as a christmas present and u bluff to me that Mr. Santa gave to me...
the dad face straight becoming like this ""-_- after his son reply...

then i was like this suppose to b like this??
then after that the little boy said something again
boy: daddy, the 32GB of ipod touch is Rm1629 and RM1629 is only 0.1% of daddy annual salary...daddy... i wan this...pls...........
then this time is my face become like this """"-__- and wanted to show the boy this t('.'t) so much....

so envy kids nowadays especially rich kids!!!!!!!

anyway...faster get ur present for ur special one lo....unless u wan last minutes...

Friday, December 12, 2008

stomach pain!! Stomach pain!!!

WTF.....last week just recovered from food poison but now still stomach pain...
dunno what happen to my body as i had been trying to recover by myself as drinking a lot of water, non-spicy things and vege....stilll not feeling well....
what happen to me....i dun wan to see doctor as i cant eat!!!!!
now i just realize the worst thing is stomach pain....cant tahan one lo....pain pain pain pain pain >_<........  is it this pain is the same pain with women's period?? i wonder....still pain !!!!!
who can help me?????

Saturday, December 6, 2008

it is struggling when u r choosing 2 things tat cant have both

dunno whether anyone got this kind of feel or not..
when u wan to have things that u really wanted for but u can only have one thing...n after choosing u cant regret it..
i think everyone have this kind of feel before...n it really really struggling....rite?
let's say for example,

for a super like gadget person...
when buying a brand new laptop, he will choose

for a shopping girl who like branded things so much..
when buying a new bag, she will choos
either a LOUIS VUITTON or GUCCI...

and both of them cant have both things together...
and they cant regret what choice they make..
both things have their own advantages and disadvantages..
so is really kind a hard to decide...

well....let's say for LOVE...
for guys will be like choosing gals, n for girls will b choosing guys respectively...

so let say for a guy got 2 option:
1)she is a very very very damn sexy girl that can make ur life upside down but she care her friend more than her bf
2)she care her bf more than herself but is a so-called normal person...(both girls are loyalty to their bf)

and let say for a girl oso got 2 option:
1)he is a tall, handsome and rich guy and he let u use all the money but he can only teman u once a year..
2)he can do whatever things for u but he is damn ugly...(both guys are loyalty to their gf)

what will u guys choose if this happen to u???
or will u guys come out a 3rd option??
(dun choose anyone or playing both of them???)
only u guys know the answer of urself....

just can say when u choosing a thing that is hard for u to choose...face it and dun regret it after u choose...
move on ur life happily...this is one part of our life!!!
cheers!!! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


currently i had finished exam and doing nothing in my free time..
there's a lot of things happens lately and it is serious making me quite emo...
everybody now LOVE rite?? sometimes it is sweet but sometimes it is sour and sometimes it is hurt...
what is love?? is it u care abt the ppl u want to care so much? is it u love the ppl and u dun wan to hurt tat ppl? is it easy to love? or is it hard to love??? honestly speaking, i dunno what to do with it...
i choose not to hurt ppl, i rather i get hurt i oso dun wan to hurt ppl...this is me...this the unmature me...becos of this thinking..i hurt all the ppl i care abt...wat the fuck am i doing????!!!!
there are a lot of love in the world, friendship love, family love, couple love, buddy love, and hobby love........and a lot more....but dun LOVE be the things that hurting u and hurting the ppl u care worthless...
this blog is just doing nothing and wanted to blog something in my blog..
cheers adam...come on...u have to live ur life back again!!!!!!!!!!!!
haiz....let me die........>.<

Tuesday, November 25, 2008






Saturday, November 8, 2008


what are you guys doing now!!! playing?? MSNing??

Flirting to girls??? Fxcking here and there???





KAMBATEH for those who is


for those who is still doing nothing.......

prepare the RM2500 to retake the subject la!!!!


just kidding la........

work hard~~~~~~ >.<

what am i doing now???

struggling here and there at MCDonald drivethru SS15.........

what the fuck!!!! 凸>.<>

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A word which i very very agree about it

"If you're a tai tai already living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, surely you can still pull off a fake handbag that costs 5% the price of the original and nobody is gonna question ya.

If you're an auntie who is so thrifty that you steal the spoons and forks from MAS planes, then even if you're carrying a real RM3,000 LV bag, people are still gonna think that it's a fake."

reference from Mr.KennySia

y i posting it out?? is because i really totally agree with it!!!1

just to share another thing......
one day, when i was going to Shell to pump petrol and i saw an Office Lady was holding a really expensive LV bag and paid her petrol at the i was very curious about wat car she was driving...
and u know WAT!!!
she was Drving a SLK!!! (small little Kancil~~~~~~~~)
so my mind suddenly come out " is the LV bag is real one or fake one............" all is thinking about the LV bag is real or not...mayb u can said that "who said ppl driving kancil cannot have a LV bag??!!!"...ya..quite true oso.....



how's u think???

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A conversation of 2 HAMSUP BOY

hamsup A= ME & hamsup B = My fren

ok, the story start now...
one day, me n my fren were talking non-sense at the mamak as we had ntg to do at the moments and thinking to heading back home.

BUT when we started to go........THERE was A very very very very SEXY and not so pretty girl(okok la...) coming towards our direction.... and see beside our table..

A: eh eh eh bro....wait wait wait...
B: walau a....damn sexy wei...

tat girl looks is so so...but her body damn good boobs, waist, Hip...can be said is a COCA_COLA 80's bottle...woo la la...hahaha...more importantly, she is wear a spaghetti strap and she didnt use a invisible bra strip as i still remembered tat she is wearing a Sexy red bra with her black spaghetti strap shirt....she is fair n very, she is wearing a super super short bikini she is wearing an underwear come out to mamak..

one thing tat can be describe is she faced her back towards us...and u know wat?????
we can saw all her bra design from her back with all the lace design as u can imagine it she is just wearing a BIKINI and go mamak yamcha....

A: ..................(wordless.....)
B: eh adam, i suddenly feel like wan to take off her shirt ler...she is like telling us "come out u 2 hamsup boys, i noe u wan it...come baby...take off the shirt......"
A: eh eh eh...nanti she got bf how a??
B: dun worry la, she must be have no bf one...
A: y u said so? (as i very curious how he so sure abt it)
B: eh bro...both of us hamsup rite?? if u got tat kind of gf, r u expecting ur gf to come out to be so attractive to let the ppl like us, hamsup one see meh??
A: but she can oso be tat kind of playgirl wat...
B: true, tat's y she is telling all the guys here "hey boy , r u dare enough to play wif me?? come on!!! "
A: wow, play wif her sure tak boleh tahan lo..(means can't resist it in MALAY language)
B: but somehow a...if girls wear like this we should focusing watching how she is bitchy herself lo...
A: u mean like if we dun see her is like not respect her??
B: EXACTLY!!! u see a...well ppl dress up so to be attractive and let ppl know how pretty she is ma...rite?? so SHE wear so sexy, and both of us like watching her in a very HAMSUP like this is a respectful for her ler...she should thanks us...if no a...imagine u were a gal and dress up very sexy and no ppl see u..dun u think is a very shameful thing???
A: .........(thinking of whether wan to agree or not...quite true oso he said..)
B: is like some guys showing off they got a lot of money and telling those bitch "come on baby!! all the monies is urs if u come with me..."
A: hahahahaha....

A & B: !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#( we were chatting again and sambil watching the sexy girl and all her fren is kind a bitchy as well...hahahha)

man....both of us are so HAMSUP...hahahahha
having a good "hamsup chatting" with my fren...

in conclusion: man...i am damn hamsup...hahahaha XD

Monday, November 3, 2008

Numbers of People who ONLINE in MCD SS15 DriveThru

wan to know how many ppl online in MCD???

check it out!!

one of the extension is mine!!!!! >_<

i should charge those who is using...

"RM2.00 for ONE PLUG!!!!"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A guy with his NAIL ART

imagine u go out eat at SS15 MCD and u c a "handsome & cute" guy studying with his pretty and colourful NAIL ART!!!

this is my right hand!
this is my left hand!

nice ler~~~my GF-emma creation...hahaha
studying at mcd with the pretty nails.
u r welcome to visit me in the SS15 drive thru MCD as i always study at there as FINAL IS COMING!!!!!

CPL ASS........

currently this 4 days i was in mcd studying my final like a nerd in the mcD drive thru at SS15...hahaha..........

my buddy-WaiChung who is always come to MCD study and do ASS wif me is doing the Cxbai Pxtpet Lampx(Corporate Principal Law) assignment...

he currently is so so so stressful in doing the ASS........well...i almost same to him as i still got BIS(stupid subject) and DSM(blur blur subject)
for those that had finished their CPL ASS ......congratulation and faster to become normal soon as.........................

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4 things tat i think a college student need a laptop

well well well...hav been studying in taylor's college since 2 years ago.
looking my frens almost change their laptop about a year time.
although i juz bought my own new laptop n iphone in this year...n suddenly having a mind to change them in next year!! (OMG!! havnt use for a year ler!!!)

technology nowadays is very advance, student is having more and more high tech gadgets around. so i will be reveal abt some important things tat we, student needed it so much.

1) Microsoft Office:
well, Word, Excel and PowerPoint is needed to be use in College as it is one of the part software students need to use it to do any of the ASSignment, nowadays ppl type important things in their laptop more then write it out, some interesting things i heard from a fren that there is a ppl using POWERPOINT slide to Approach his love....hmmm...IT lover??

2) MSN messenger (or should be say INSTANT MESSENGER)

more and more ppl prefer using laptop to chat with frens as u can put emotions in chatbox. U can see ur fren thru a webcam as u no need to tell ur friend to come out. it is an advantage for a student as it saves energy from going to mamak stall, save money from buying a teh and lastly save times as TIME IS MONEY. student use TIME to have a GOOD RESULT one...right???


for guys, it should b say playing computer games. for girls, it would b see movie on their laptop. INTERNET stands abt 80% important as well. sometimes when we are bored we suft the net around without any reason. MOST student will definitely go for YOUTUBE but unfortunately no porn in there...haiz >_< sad is it


is it familiar with this word??? well, most of the student DOWNLOAD all their needs from the World Wide Web. Assignment information, Movie, Music, Picture, Online Banking, Online Messaging, PORN...............................opps!! did i mention porn?? well at least i admit i did download from the internet and i sure 99.9% guys will definitely download from the net as it is all FREE~~~ as a student, who would buy a porn DVD at outside?? will u??

It does save a lot of Student's money if using a laptop.

and i do a calculation on the expenses, For example one laptop (RM2000) + electricity and internet connection (RM500).

for a year the fees need to be paid is RM2500/365 days = RM6.85 per day.

WOW...damn cheap not expensive after we, student really use the all the value of the laptop. hahaha.. :)

so no wonder ppl like to change their laptop.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

my favourite SIN event-Singapore Import Night

last 2 weeks ago, i went to event where it is all guys favourite place..
it is a S.I.N event (Singapore Import Night)
there will be a lot of nice car & pretty babes. and seriously i didn't regret i went for the event.
dun talk so much, picture shows everything. hahaha

in the event: PHOTO OF NICE CAR

WA........ >.< PORSCHE~~~~~

taking wif nice n pretty ass of NISSAN GTR
so nice n pretty~~~~~
WOOHOO. the car tat i like it so much but can afford it...haiz -.-
one of my favourite car logo -----PORSCHE
IRONMAN favourite car AUDI R8



(last 3 pic i take from pro photographer...thanx for the sharing)

and in order to hav a good memory,i hav to put courage on myself to take photo wif them...hahaha:

let me share a joke as i found a photo from a pro photographer ALVINZ....u definitely will find one of the hamsup ppl in the event, dun believe?? let u see the prove:

wa.....tat is one very brave hamsup lou...

well, moral of the story:
i admit i am one of the hamsup ppl as i like to see hot chicks~~~~~so???
i am damn not pro in photo shooting, juz using an iphone with 2 MP camera to take pic..sweat ''-_-
so for the ppl who going to the event in the future, remember to take one pro photographer along u or learn how to take photo!!
i am gonna buy a camera for myself!!!!!!!