Thursday, May 21, 2009

life's still goes on...welcome back Adam =)

HEY, guess what? i hadn't been updating my blog for a month. i feel so bad that i left my LOVELY blog alone without update it for so long. Anyway, something happened one month back ago and it was a bad thing to me because i never expected this will happen and it affected me badly.

well, i'm not going to write about what was actually happened to me because it had passed and i realize life's still goes on. whatever happened is a past and i felt so sad about it. Fortunately, i have a lovely family who care me a lot and what had done is done and what i should appreciate now is really clear to me.

sometimes, things happen with a reason. well, i agree with this and i found out is not easy to understand this as the meaning is really wide. I was wondering, does bad thing happens with a reason too?? On the other hand, my MUM used to tell me to be happy even bad thing happens to me. Unfaithfully, i wasn't happy that moment because i can't find a reason to make myself happy. Finally, I realize that being happy is such a hard way for me at the moment. My family knew what had happened to me and they didn't blame for being so naive or childish when i acted stupid.

i remembered when i was 17, Mum told me "good thing appears together with bad thing and u should APPRECIATE what u have". i wasn't sure that time but i realized it now. it wasn't too late for me as i'm 21 years old now (for this year, but i haven't reach my 21st birthday...hahah) i found out that i am in the place which i always wanted to be here. YUP!! i always wanted to be in AUSTRALIA. it is part of my dream to be here. i should be happy instead of being sad as this is always i wanted to be.

To be honest, i gave up this great opportunity back in two years time and i really regretted that i was supposed to study in MELBOURNE after my high school graduation. well, why am i here currently?? this is because my best fren LEO EMMERSON. he is the one that let me know how stupid i am at that time because i shouldn't give up the chance when i got the chance. Thank for the encouragement dude!! i really appreciate that for waking me up!! WHY?? because is part of ur DREAM!!

For me, i realized what my dad told me when i was graduated from high school, " LONG(my nickname in my family, it's mean "dragon" in chinese)!! do u know how important for a guys to have their dream? IT IS DAMN FUCKING IMPORTANT BECAUSE DREAM REPRESENT YOU and YOUR DREAM REPRESENT YOUR VISION!!" (ok. the "DAMN FUCKING" is just for expression to show the importance). Honestly, i was stunned when he told me and i really realized what is a dream now. Seriously, Never ever give up your dream for someone or something else!! I don't think is worth to give up a dream so easily because you might be regretted. And i don't recommend to do this!!

In this month, something goods really happen and it makes my life even happier now. why? Because i appreciate every single things that i had now. i told myself "ADAM TUI, it's time for you to be happier than last time because you had got what u want". It's so true that i have everything, like those who cares about me, loves me and make me happier. i should APPRECIATE them. "APPRECIATE WHAT YOU SHOULD APPRECIATE". this is what i learnt in this lesson. life is like a class or exam, sometimes you might fail and pass or even get a HIGH DISTINCTION. That's why it taught what we should do in the end and we learn things after the lesson.

To be honest again, i was thinking to give up this blog as i am not really in the mood in blogging anymore. Thanks for LEO EMMERSON again for fucking me that i should continue blogging. As a matter of fact, what he said really bang me, " what's the purpose for you to blog? Don't tell me YOU create a BLOG to let people see and wanted to be famous? COME ON!! i created my blog because i want to write down all my memories. So that i won't forget what really happened to me." (ok..maybe he didn't say it rudely as this is what i understand and i express it out =P) I agree what he said because memory is really important to our life. You don't know what's going to happen next and you should memorize those nice and sweet memories that you had at the first time. this makes me to find a reason what i really want now.

well, it's time for me to improve myself to become a better person. this is what i should do now. besides that, i should thank one of my favourite reader who is being so supportive and bringing me so much of happiness. thanks for everything, you let me learnt my lesson and i gonna APPRECIATE what i have now. thanks you so much for caring me. you really understand me =)

i feel sorry for those other readers for not updating my blog. Anyway, i will update my life as i share what is happening to my life.from now on, I will start my biggest challenge as i decided to use PROPER ENGLISH to update my blog and i'm so sorry to my AUSTRALIAN friend--DAN who said my english sucks 3 weeks ago because he don't understand "MALAYSIANS' style english" well mate, I gonna shows you that my english isn't that bad. hahaha.. Anyway, Thanks for suggesting me to write in proper english. I will try my best to improve my english. haha.

Hence......WOW!! i think i am writing an essay because i never try to write so much without putting any pictures. everything have their first time and this is so my 1st-proper-englsih-blog.hahah. I write this because i want to let all my readers know...I AM HAPPY now and just wanna to share what's my thinking.

In conclusion, Be smart and APPRECIATE WHAT U HAVE NOW. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO CARE ABOUT YOU and those who are special and close to you!!

LIFE!! here i am!! =)