Friday, April 17, 2009

Grampians Pic...nice place to go!!

due to my best buddy WC diu me for not update my blog...

so... i'm gonna update now..

as last post i mentioned abt i came back from "Grampians"...

for those who r in Melbourne definitely know what place it is...

but for those who not...i will explain wat "Grampians" is...

GRAMPIANS is a very very very very(i seriously mean it!!) nice place for those who like hiking, sightseeing, bbq, have fun with frens...

as i went there with those PFMA (PAY FONG MELBOURNE ASSOCIATION) as Pay Fong is my high school back in Malacca...

too bad i dun hav a DSLR to take down or those view...haiz...

but i used my Omnia to take down some...

pic shown:


i am so love the place!!!

Gonna buy one DSLR !!! >.<

PS: thanx for those PFMA ppl for organising the trip !! i really enjoyed my time!! looking forward to our next trip!! =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm BACK from Grampians!!

woo hoo!!!

i just back from a trip with my fellow high school frens

and now i'm so bloody tired...


will gonna post some pic after i get from them..

gonna start getting my study mood...


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tag from JOON HAO THAM~~~~

lalalalalala.....having my EASTER HOLIDAY NOW...

n one of best pal in mlk TAG me wor...well...this can be said the very 1st tag as i never do a Tag at all...

ok... here goes:

1. Do you have secrets?
Errr.......this question is stupid..ofcos la!!!

2. Do you ever try a few days do not eat anythings?
IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR me!!! eat is my entertaiment man!!!

3. Do you enjoy going to school?
yes if there's a lot of leng lui around...or there's a HOT AND SEXY LECTURER..

4. Coffee or more coffee?
TEH tarik boleh tak???

No 5 sudah hilang.

6. Laughter, or forever smiles?
well...i'm a Lame JOKER!! wanna hear my lame joke??

7. Who is more important? Lover or best friends?

8. The person you like is already attached, what would you do?
wish her?? wat the heck!!

9. What made you smile today?
watching POR*! (Opps did i say tat?? wakakak!!)

10. Angelic or Devilish?
hehehe...i'm angel face...devil body..

11.How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
driving a FERRARI!!

12.Who are currently the most important people to you?
DAD, MUM, SIS, DOG, GF, and ALL the frens tat i care..

13.What is the most important thing in life?
sleeping and eating for me...

14.Are you single or attached?
i think i no need to say this...(answer attached on the blog)

15. What is your favorite color?
white, purple, blue

16. What is your wish?
being the most HAPPIEST person in this world

17. Have you wondered what will happened afterlife?
who's care?? live ur life up and appreciate wat u hav..

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?
yes, i will..everyone makes mistake.

19. Which do you prefer? Spending more time with Family members or the close / understandable ones?

20. 5 people you're gonna tag:
ok...choosing time WC!!! ERIC!! ANGEL!! HSUZHEN!! KAREN!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Truth About Pisang Goreng

YO....just realize that i kinda like lazy blogging around dy...walau...ADAM ADAM...dun so lazy la..

u should go shake ur ASS out of the chair... Stop watching POR* la...haiz...dunno y suddenly i feel kinda like emo these days... when i was browsing around my mail...i saw an very very very interesting and scary things that happen in MSIA!!

is our Msian's FAvourite FOOD!! FRIED BANANA!!!

here goes..

(chinese version)
不要再吃 pisang goreng

我们在巴刹一帶逛逛看看,当时有很多一档一档的小贩在做生意, 顿時我的視線被某一档小贩的'奇景'
吸引住了, 這一个档口是贩卖炸食物的档口...一大锅'熱勝腾' 的油...竟然有一个装5 公升的空油桶' 切成一半' ( WTF!o.O)

在熱油锅中慢慢的在 溶化
天啊!果真是以空油桶溶化了炸出来的食物当街卖啊!(so we r eating plastic "pisang goreng"???!!!)

回应这张贴的人,很多都知道真有此事,比如炸小葱是用吸水管(straw)炸的,还有 plastic
bag 用来炸香蕉。
两公升油500ml矿泉水瓶一只没加料(矿泉水瓶)时炸一次 -
加料(矿泉水瓶)时再炸一次- 出来是比KFC的还脆!!
请你们不好再买香蕉炸,咖哩puff, Keropok Lekor,或是炸鸡饭了。
以后要吃什么,还是叫mummy 炸给你们吃比较安全。我明天就来去买香蕉!!!
不只是金马伦的有问题,原来这是他们的secret recipe家传秘方。

This is a true story (from my friend).
Mum said my uncle saw it in Tunjang (Kedah) and the pasar malam in Titi Chai Kangar (Perlis) where goreng pisang was sold on afternoons.
The hawker added a plastic drinking straw into a wok of hot oil and let it melt completely before he started to fry some bananas in the bubbling oil. ('s so gross..)

This is why some fried bananas and ubi are so crispy... for hours...!!
My uncle asked the hawker about this, but the hawker did not answer him. When my uncle told my mum about this, they realised this is how the hawkers ensure that fried food stays crispy for their customers. My mum said that in Thailand , they do the same thing to keep fried ikan bilis and fried onions crispy, even if left in the open for hours!!
Another time, I was with my family in Cameron Highlands . It was 3:00 pm and we were hanging around the market area, where there were several hawker stalls.

At one of them, there was a big wok of boiling oil with an empty plastic bottle floating in it and slowly melting. At first I thought it had fallen into the oil accidentally, but then I saw a little girl, about 7-years old, holding a pair of chopsticks and stirring the bottle around in the hot oil. (vomitting....)

I realised, Oh my God... these people were using melted plastic to fry food, so that the fried snacks would not turn soft when it cooled down later.
Please forward to all your friends... DO NOT EAT CRISPY FRIED SNACKS from the hawkers!! Even if you don't see them melting the plastic in oil, they might have added the plastic a few hours before. After all, they keep the black oil for next day's frying as well, to save cost on cooking oil.

anyway....just an email i received from my frens... it's feel so GeLi..

so for my fellow frens and my blog readers who loves PISANG GORENG...

Stop eating those PISANG GORENG...u can tell ur mum DO it FOR u and is for u health too.

IMAGINE if one day u go for a medical checkup and the doctor say u got a cancer becos u eat one piece of PISANG PLASTIC GORENG..

and u die becos of that PISANG PLASTIC GORENG..

i dun think is worth it... as there's still a lot of food outside...