Friday, November 20, 2009

Fucking shitty week!

well well well....what a shitty week in my 2009 year life. I had never been feeling so uncomfortable and unlucky in my life. I mean it happened a week! Normally i got into unlucky time, it was only a day or 3,4 hours. However, I won't be forget the week in between 16th of Novemeber and 21st of November!

First of all, i was working with the worst boss ever, maybe because i am a student and those adults like to cheat on us as we don;t have any experience and society. I believe what my dad said to me. "When you are student, just do the student's way to settle things. it is still not your chance to get work and earn money. You can earn money, but you can't earn too much, Because you are a student and you don't have any experience, even though you do earn a lot, it is just lucky. Your stage as a student is to gain more knowledge and experience more things, so that you will know how to settle things in society because everyone is cheating each other in society"

Why i am saying this because I had been cheated by them for about two weeks plus. So, I felt so inconfidence about myself. I finally understand what i learnt back in Malaysia, how to social in Malaysia and Australia is totally different. Normally, if a boss said that you work for us $15 an hour, doesn't this mean you go to their office and work is working? I can only get AUD15 an hour if i go for client's place. Well, i don't know whether it is misundertsnading or they want to cheat me at the first place, if their intention is to cheat me, they really successful cheated me, cos i didn't get paid from them even though i travel so far from my house to work for them for 2 weeks plus. The travel time from my house to the work place is total 3 hours a day. So if i work for 3 days, i wasted 9 hours in a week(all of the time i used in public transport is express lane, if is not, it will be more than 3 hours a day). If i can use the wasted hour to work another job, even thouthe salary is low as 8AUD per hour, i earn at least 72AUD a day and it is better than going to office and earn nothing. Sometimes i was thinking, Am i the person who misunderstand it or their general knowledge is different with me.

secondly, my precious Emporio Armani watch which is very valuable to me, spoiled at the day i had misunderstanding with my boss. The Watch had been following along my high school life until my University. But it spoiled in the time when i was back to home and i wasted 4 hours in a bus because it was traffic jam at the moment. I thought the time was still 6pm when i reached home(cause i was sleeping all the way back home), And it is from ALTONA to HUGHEDALES!!! So i went back home, i looked at the clock, it was 8.30pm! I missed my badminton moment which is every Tuesday. I was so down and there is no food inside my house. All i ate was MILK! I think I don;t have the appetite to eat even though there is a food in front of me.

Thirdly, i get caught by not validate my ticket in using Public Transport, the reason i don;t wat to validate is i want to save some money even though i get to waste more in those unnecessary. It is just what i said to myself, something you can't save, you don't have to save. In the end, you are bearing the consequences.

Well well, this is just a release stress and my anger post. Anyway, hope i do get fine in the next feel days. I HOPE!! SERIOUSLY!!