Monday, October 11, 2010


LIFE= Happiness, Sadness, Stress, Joyful, Memory and etc


ENJOY WHAT YOU CAN and Appreciate your LIFE


Friday, February 5, 2010

First post in year 2010.

time flies like a beam. This could be the 1st time i ever view back my blog in year 2010. Last post of my blog was November 2009! Freaking two months passed and i can't believe i just abandon my blog for no reason.

Anyway, Happy new year Blog! although it is lame but wish you guys have a lovely valentine's day in next week and Chinese New Year to everyone who are in their hometown. This year i am not going back for Chinese New year. Why?? hmmmmm...good question. Nevertheless, My family are coming Melbourne to visit me in this CNY but i am having my final exam in Chinese New year too.

This is my first time celebrating CNY outside of home country. Even though i had never go visit my relatives back in my hometown. For me CNY is like a friend gathering. Miss all my Malaysia friends who are in Kuala Lumpur or Malacca. However, I met a lot of new friends in Melbourne. Not only Malaysian, there are someone from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan , Vietnam, and etc. Great thing i done in Melbourne was me and my fellow Malaysian friends had established a club in Deakin University. Well, i think this year would be a challenge to run the club because this is my ever first time being a president of a club. Anyway, i will try my best to run the club.

To be honest, my final is coming very soon. My first paper is on next Thursday and last paper is on next next Monday. I was studying like Shit!! i realize i hate study even though Corporation Law is quite interesting. Luckily it is open book exam. Another subject i'm taking right now is Auditing................. This is a boring subject. BORED TO THE MAX!!!

anyway, i don't know what am i writting. I think it is just a relieve stress post.

Damn!! I hate EXAM!!!