Friday, June 12, 2009


eventually, time flies without letting us know what actually going. the reason i said this because i realized it's JUNE 2009 and i'm having my finals soon!!! i mean SOON!! ya!! i left 2 days for my finals as it start on next MONDAY to WEDNESDAY continuously!!! In worse case, 4 subject in 3 days continuously..LOL...

frankly speaking, this is my 1st time to have my exam continuously without having any days to rest. well... i hope when exam time, the times really flies!!! i mean FLIES!! On the other hand, this my 1st post in JUNE. muahahahhahahahah...Cant believe i really just dumped my blog beside and focus in my study. i have been studying like hell in library for 2 weeks. All the schedule are the same. it become my life routine and the schedule goes like this :

wake up in 7am in the morning.
takes the 9.30am bus to my campus
arrive in my library in 10am
starts my studies in 10.10am
having my lunch in 1pm
continue study for my finals in 2pm
takes 6.06pm bus home.
arrive home at 6.45pm
cook my dinner at 7.30pm
finish all my dishes in 8-9pm
revise or on9 until 11.00pm
having my bath at 11.00
sleep in 12am.

and it goes continue the same thing for morning. well. passing the same road, watching the same table i used to sit and looking thru those books i had been looking when i start my studies in DEAKIN UNIVERSITY.

there's a differences i am currently facing...
can you imagine u are studying in a temperature of 3? well... it's not funny and is freezing!!!
the main reason that i want study in my library is to use their heator because heator cost extremely high in AUSSIE!

oh well, it is 7.12pm and i have to follow my timetable as it is time for me to cook my dinner.

PS: wish me luck all the best in my finals!! thanx =)


this is for you dude!! wish you all the best in tomorrow paper and enjoy more times with your dearest in BRISBANE!!!

By the way...SWINE FLU in Australia is getting worse and worse.i hope that all my friends who are in Australia dun get anything serious.