Wednesday, June 29, 2011


这世界 如果有如果
习惯阿 熟悉的温柔
turn around turn around turn around
怎么还是 一个我
I want to sing a song for you
sing for myself
没有你的天空 没有云朵
you are my everything
and I really love you
在泪干了以后 想听你说 爱我
想太多 如果有如果
一个人 该习惯什么
I want to sing a song for u
在泪干了以后 却还记得
梦太美 回忆太心碎
再多给我 一点点的勇气
在泪干了以后 想听你说 love you
请 说你爱我

Monday, June 27, 2011


我真的不明白。。。世上每个人都可以做任何选择。。偏偏我选上了你。。我不但选了你。。还接受你。。 不管是任何事情。。我都爱你。。接受任何东西。。我相信这是爱情的魔力。。

可是。。为何你和我在一起。。你可以选择了别人。。而不能让时间看准这段爱。 你说你没时间。。可是你喜欢的那个人根本就不知道你喜欢他。。你愿意为了一个你喜欢而不知到人家喜不喜欢你的抛弃一个爱你爱到可以做任何事情的人。。你说我不够完美。。可是你又知道他是完美的?

为何? 我不知道你们是否有没在一起。 你说我不够成熟。。不够上进。。我想问你是我的话。。你会真么想?我被一个最简单的理由打败了。 难道你不会心痛吗?

我觉得。。你真的不会。。 对你而言。。你选择你最想要选择。。 你又何必又回来关心我? 让我觉得我们还有希望?

你曾经对我说你都是被抛弃的那个。恭喜你。。你终于做了抛弃人的角色。 你会心痛?是吗? 有我的痛吗? 我已经失眠了好几天。。 我只能说。。


Sunday, June 26, 2011



Monday, June 20, 2011

Today is the day I do not believe in TRUE LOVE ANYMORE!

Today is 21st of June. It suppose to be our anniversary trip to Sydney. It suppose to be us hug each other and hold hand together on George Street in SYdney. But unfortunately you brought it before the trip where I am so looking forward about trip. Now, Im doing nothing at home and just cry. I do not know what is happening between you and me. What i know is i am being ditched by the simplest reason ever. All the excitement turn into the dust of sadness in my heart.

"We should work things in our relationship" This was our discussion one month ago. "Your attitude is a bit wrong, you shouldnt do this you shouldnt do that" I was quiet cause i do not want to argue with you and I love you so much. I wanna work things out since you said it was my attitude problem. After a month, you said your feeling towards me actually faded at the day we discussed the issue. WHY YOU DID NOT TELL ME YOUR FEELINGS HAD FADED which is the TRUTH! why you said is my attitude problem!!!!???? You could have tell me the truth and I can work on the right issue!!!!! I have been working hard for the wrong issue!!!

My heart is full of sadness and the feelings are so called " FML!!". You told everyone I am the best guy you ever met. I am the best guy you wil stick with forever. Everything Sum up together, was it true when you say this? I do not know and i hope it was true.

Someone could say I am childish for saying this loud and i want to get sympathy. To be honest, You guys can say what you want. If you think i am childish, Go ahead and think. Go ahead and bitch about I am an useless that can bear with this issue. But REMEMBER this! You are not the one who is suffering, I AM! I do not know who should I talk with. what i think is,

ALL the best for you. I think I can't get you back anymore and you won't want me anymore since there is someone better outside.

Cheers ....crying with full of sadness =(